Obtaining a charity allowance (Public)

asthma,whieese,heart desease,petitmal 

  1. Requesting letter from the applicant.
  2. Printed form that should be signed of the applicant(S.S/C/f 01)
  3. Gramaniladari report.(S.S/C/f 02)
  4. Medical certificate if the applicant is suffering from some disease
  5. Recommendation of the social service officer
  6. Approval of the DS/ADS.
  7. Entering to the waiting list
  8. Send the documents to get the approval of the social service director
  9. After getting the above approval entering to the payment list within the allocation 
  10. limitIf their is no sufficient allocation requesting the allocation from the social service
  11. Department issuance of charity allowance card to the selected applicant (If should be signed by the DS)

Renewal of charity allowance card

  1. S.S. PI (B) form should be taken with the recommendation the grama niladari.
  2. Social service offer recommendation should be taken to the above recommendation document
  3. Approval of the DS/ADS should be taken to the above recommendation document
  4. Write a new card to the approved document.
  5. Administration officer should be signed it.
  6. Handover to the GS/ charity allowance holder

Obtaining special Aids / Medical Aids

  1. Requesting letter from the applicant.
  2. Requesting letter from the applicant.
  3. Gramaniladari’s report.
  4. Medical report to prove the illness
  5. Social service officers report.DS/ADS recommendation.
  6. Handed over to the social service director for approval.
  7. After getting the allocation, approved Voucher is by the DS/ADS to pay the special aids/medical aids should be presented to approval to the finance Division
  8. Inform the approval to the applicant.

Casual Subsidies payments

  1. Requesting letter from the applicant by informing the damages to the house.
  2. Casual subsiding application with the recommendation of to gramaniladari.
  3. Social service officer Report.
  4. Getting the approval from DS/ADS.
  5. Preparation of the voucher if the allocation is available.
  6. Getting the approval to the voucher.
  7. Handed over the vouchers to the finance division.
  8. Handing over lattes to subsiding holder come to get the money cheque .

Obtaining Educational Aid / Special Aids

  1. Requesting letter of the applicant.Gramaniladari report.
  2. Birth certificate of the child.
  3. Certificate from the principal to prove the social education.
  4. Death certificate if to father has died.Social service officer report.
  5. Approval from the DS/Ads.Handed over to the social service director for the approval.
  6. After getting the allocation approved vouchers for that respective payment should be handed over to the finance division.
  7. Inform the aid holders.

Obtaining a disease aid

  • (Tubercular, Cancer, laprogy, thaliseemia)(Tubercular, Cancer, laprogy, thaliseemia)
  1. Requesting letter from the applicant with the recommendation of the gramaniladari.
  2. Form S.S.T.B/3 with the applicant signature.
  3. Medical certificate to prove the respective disease.
  4. Recommendation of the S.S.O
  5. Approval of the DS/ADS
  6. Admitting to the waiting list.
  7. Directory to the social service director for approval.
  8. If the allocation is available approved aid should be puttered to the payment list.
  9. DS approved decease ID card

Releasing the money persons bank A/C

  • Please be the kind enough to present the following documents.
  1. Pirated form provided by the bank.
  2. Certificate of JP in the about form (page4.)
  3. Relevant pass book.
  4. Documents to prove the relationship.
  5. Death certificate of the deceased person.
  6. Birth certificate of the applicant.
  7. N/C of the applicant.
  8. Other relevant document.


  • List of Beneficiaries for Income Elderly below 70 years- PDF
  • List of Beneficiaries of Samurdhi Subsidy - PDF

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