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Towards public Expectation through efficient Service.

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Provide a service according to the government policies,co-ordination of resources and uplift the living standards of the people in the division through an efficient and well planned development with public participation.
Entry Way from  Colombo
Divisional Secretariat ,Moratuwa located 500m towards Colombo from the Moratuwa junction beside Galle Road.
From Panadura
Divisional Secretariat ,Moratuwa located beside the galle road after travelling 8 km from Panadura via old Galle Road or New Galle Road towards Colombo.

Historical Background at Moratuwa Divisional Secretary's Division.

"There are various legends in the history of Moratuwa".In those legends, it is mentioned that there was a "Mora""forest in Moratuwa and it was converted into Mora + Aratuwa" and it developed as Moratuwa.

Location,boundaries and intraduction about Moratuwa divisional Secretary's Division

Moratuwa Divisional Secretariat is located in the place where the southern boundary and western boundary of Colombo District are connected together. This division contains 24.4 km2 land area and the speciality it is bounded by natural boundaries (in 3 sides)

Divisional Assistant Government Agent's office of Moratuwa was commenced in the year 1978.

There are lot of legends to find out how that did this location gets the name Moratuwa.Those can be given as follows.

1.In "THISARA SANDESHAYA" which considered as written in the aria of king "PERAKUMBA"  the 5 th who ruled  "Dethigampura" in 1348 A.D , the sentence "Nethu sitha Sanasamin Nosalawa Moratuwa Eliye" mentioned the word Moratuwa.

2.In "GIRA SANDESHAYA" there is a sentence "Gawapal kelina keliyen yawa itu Moratu Eliyen" mentioned the word Moratuwa.

3."KOKILA SANDESHAYA""said there was a coconut garden in the village named "Lakshapathiya"

4.There was a Mora tree forest in Moratuwa,that Moragas Forest converted into the term "MORA ATA" and then "MURA ATUWA" afterwards expanded as Moratuwa.

5.In another legend it says the word "MORATA" is used for "MORU" in the sanscrit language and accordingly it converted into as Moratuwa.

In the Past history Moratuwa has been divided into parts as follows.

1.Moratu Eliya      -   Kaldemulla,Thelawala,Rathmalana,Borupana

2.Moratu Pitiya     -   Katubedda,Kuduwamulla

3.Moratu Uyana    -   Uyana,Rawatawatta,Angulana,Lakshapathiya

4.Moratu Mulla     -   Moratumulla,Kadalana,Willorawatta,Molpe,Indibedda

5.Moratuwella       -   Digarolla,Horakele

6.Moratu Dikwella  -  Koralawella,Katukurunda,Egoda Uyana


 It is mentioned that the present limits belongings to the Moratuwa Divisional Secretary's Division have been changed time to time through the past.

 Iin 1735 A.D., Koralawella has been named as a division of Moratuwa by the Dutchmen.In 1835, under the ruling period of Britishmen katukurunda and Egoda Uyana have been connected to Moratuwa.

Moratuwa Urban council has been commenced in 1930, at the commencement it has 08 Divisions .In 1941 it has 10 Ddivision ,thereafter it expanded into 12,and In1972 it has further widen and converted under the present boundaries considered as Moratuwa administrative unit.Moratuwa Divisional Secretariat has the same boundaries as the Moratuwa Urban council


Role performed at DS  From 1978

Name From To
Mr.Sunny Wickramasuriya 1978 1980
Mr.Dayananda Galappaththy 1980 1989
Mr.A.T.K.Chandradasa 1989 1992
Mr.K.R.P.W.Karunarathna 1992 1995
Mr.A.K.Dharmadasa 1995 2002
Mr.P.Hewage 2002 2003
Mr.W.Nelson Jayakody 2003 2005
Mr.P.H.L.Wimalasiri Perera 2005 2006
Mr.A.D.Dayarathna 2007 2008
Mrs.P.S.Wimalaweera 2008 2011 May
Mr.K.C.Niroshan 2011 May 2016 June
Mrs.H.R.Himali karunarathna 2016 June 2020 January
Mr.B.A.D.Chinthaka 2020 January 2021 May
Mrs.Ishanka D.K.Udawaththa 2021 May Up to date

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