Divisional Secretary

 20200124 123622 1 Ds Name Mr.B.A.D.Chinthaka
Qualification B.A - Econ Special
Master of Arts  - Social Science

Work history

Station Master -  From 2001.03.20 to 2006.10.01

Sri Lanka Administrative Service  -  From 2006.10.02

Assistant Commissioner ,Registration of Persons Department - From 2007.01.01 to 2012.06.11

Assistant Divisional Secretary, Divisional Secretariat,Paddukka - From 2012.06.12 to 2020.01.02

Divisional Secretary,Divisional Secretariat,Moratuwa - From 2020.01.03 upto date    



Assistant Divisional Secretary

 adsnew ishanka Name  Ishanka D.K.Udawatta

Reading for the Master of Business Administration,Faculty of Management and Finance,University.

BSc (Special) in Agriculture Technology and University of Peradeniya.

Professional Qualifications in Human Resource Management.(IPM)

Work history

Assistant Secretary,Ministry of Agriculture and Land (Western Province)

Assistant Municipal Secretary, Colombo Municipal Council.

Assistant Divisional Secretary,Divisonal Secretariat,Moratuwa

Name Mrs.W.G.A.N.Yureni

Bacheor of Science in Business Administration at University of Sri Jayawardenepura.


Certified Public Accountant[CPA]

Work history

Accountant - Divisional Secretariat,Moratuwa

Assistant Director (Planning)



Name Mrs.W.M.Sunethra Geethanjali
Qualification Echonomic (Sp) degree
work History

Development Officer /Asst.Director (Planning) - Divisional Secretariat,Panadura

Asst.Director(Planning) - Divisional Secretariat,Moratuwa

Assistant Director (Planning)

 20200617 110952


Name Mrs.L.M.Shanika Udayangani

Master of Science in Nano-Science & Nano- Technology at University of Peradeniya

Bachelor of Science in Physical Science at University of Kelaniya                      

Diploma in Human Resource Management at University of Kelaniya                    

Diploma in Planning and Development at Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration

work History

Asst.Director(Planning) - Divisional Secretariat,Moratuwa

Administrative Officer(Acting)

  Name Mr.M.N.C.Cooray

G.C.E.(A/L) Examination

Higher National Diploma in Accounting

19 Year Work experience in Clerical Service

work History

Ministry of Public Administration and Internal Affairs

Ministry of Finance and Planning

Department of Sri Lanka Custom

Administrative Officer (Grama Niladhari)

  DSC05337aograma Name Mr.S.K.Panangalage

Grama Niladhari i

Administrative Grama Niladhari

Degree - Colombo University (Labour Study)

work History

Divisional Secretariat,Panadura

Divisional Secretariat,Beruwala

Divisional Secretariat,Dehiwala

Divisional Secretariat,Panadura

Divisional Secretariat,Moratuwa

News & Events

උපාධිධාරීන් 50,000ක් සඳහා පුහුණු වැඩසටහනක් පැවැත්වීම -  දෙවන අදියර

උපාධිධාරීන් 50,000ක් සඳහා පුහුණු වැඩසටහනක් පැවැත්වීම - දෙවන අදියර

උපාධිධාරී අභ්‍යාසලාභීන් සඳහා වන පුහුණු වැඩසටහනෙහි දෙවන...

අභ්‍යාසලාභී උපාධිධාරී පත්වීම් ලබාදීම -2020

අභ්‍යාසලාභී උපාධිධාරී පත්වීම් ලබාදීම -2020

උපාධිධාරීන් සඳහා රජයේ රැකියා ලබා දීමේ වැඩසටහන...

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