Administrative Division

Main Functions
  1. Issuing of Excise Licence
  2. All the activities relevant to the registration of Business names
  3. Maintain the Personal files of the officers and preparing monthly reports.
  4. Activities relevant to the leave taken by the officers.
  5. Administration works of Grama Niladaries and issuing of grama Niladhari Report to other institutions
  6. Organization of monthly division day and all the activities related to the minutes of the meetings.
  7. Issuing of Railway warrents and settling of money related to that.Activities related to issuing of railway season tickets.
  8. Activities relevant to daily mail
  9. Issuing of samurdhi benefit s and other activities relevant to it.
  10. All the activities regarding distress and housing loans of the officers and activities regarding Agrahara Insurance scheme.
  11. Inquiries regarding Electricity issues.
  12. All the activities relevant to the maintenance of the record room.
  13. Activities regarding Ayurvedic Medical council.
  14. Activities relevant to the preventation of enviroment hazards
  15. Activities regarding the maintains managing of the assets of the office.
  16. Activities relevant to training Programme.

Social Services Division


Encourage participation of the disadvantaged and suffering social groups in social development,by providing relief and rehabilitation and creating a background to prevent them falls into such conditions.

Main Functions
  1. Provision of aids and equipments.
  2. Issuing senior citizenship Identity cards
  3. Issuing Dry rations

Planning Division

Main Functions
  1. Gamperaliya Programme
  2. Grama Shakthi Programme
  3. Rural Infrastucture Development Program
  4. Sapiri Gama - Present Situation
  5. Gama Samanga Pilisandara-Weda Samanga Yali Gamata
  6. Implementation of decentralized budget Programme
  7. Updation of "Sampath Pethikada" (Resource book)
  8. Updation of mission unit (Meheyum Mediriya)
  9. Implementation of special programmes receive within the year
  10. Implementation of primary schools development Programme

      Following Programmes are being implemented under Provincial council Development Plan

      1.Implementation of the projects relevant to criteria based grants programme

      2.implementation of the projects relevant to Ministrial proposal programme.

      3.Implementation of provincial specific grants Programme





Accounts Division

Main Functions
  1. Preparation of Accounts summeries(Central Government,Provincial Council)
  2. Bank Accounts activities and preparation of bank reconcilation statement (Central Government,Provincial Council)
  3. Activities related to money (Central Government,Provincial council)
  4. Activities regarding obtaining of provision
  5. Activities relevant to issuing of vehicle licence
  6. All the Activities relevant to payments and sending of debit reports to other Departments
  7. Maintaing of vote ledger and cash book ((Central Governmentand Provincil Council)
  8. Maintaining of Depositary Accounts of central Government and Provincial Council
  9. Procurement Activities
  10. Purchasing of stationaries and issuing to the officers
  11. Preparation of Annual revenue and expenditure estimates
  12. Remittance of Stamp duties
  13. Preparation of Salaries and maintains of relevant ledgers
  14. Activities of Public Officers Advance B Account
  15. Shroff Activities
  16. Sending replies to the Audit Quaries
  17. Maintaining of stores and Annual board of survey activities

Registrar Division

Main Functions
  1. Issuing of certificates of birth,marrage and death (Moratuwa Division and all the divisions of Colombo District.)
  2. Registration of Past birth
  3. Activities regarding the issunig of Probable Age certificates
  4. Ammendments relevant to certificates of Birth,Marrage and Death
  5. Confirmation of the Autherricity/Accuracy of the certificates as per the request of Embassies and other Government Institution
  6. Registration of the Marriages made by the priests in the church

Pension Division

Main Functions
  1. Payment of monthly pensions.
  2. Provision of recommendation to the Department of Pensions regarding the widow's orphan's pension and carring out the supervision of disabled persons and provide the recommendation to the Department

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