Number Address Telephone
01 Hot line for Emergencies 117
02 Ministry of Disaster Management 011-2136136
03 Disaster Management Centre 011-2136100
04 National Disaster Polices Services Centre 011-2665258
05 National Building Research Organization 0112588946
06 Sri Lanka Costal Protection WARUNA 011-3150446
07 Regional Office Coastal Protection 011-2658930
08 Electricity Board Moratuwa Branch 011-2647862
09 Provincial Road Development Authority 011-2655629
10 Department of Meteorology 011-2694846
11 Department of Irrigation 011-2581162
12 National Water Supply and Drainage Board 011-2637949
13 Colombo District Disaster Management Unit 011-2434028
14 Fire Brigade - Colombo 011-2422222
15 Fire Brigade - Dehiwala 011-2714444
16 Fire Brigade - Kalutara 034-2222466
17 Fire Brigade - Horana 034-2267555
18 Police Station - Moratuwa 011-2645215
19 Inspector of Head Quarters Mr.S.L.Jayashantha De Silva 071-8591671
20 Community Development Officer Mr.Saman Weerasinghe 071-2228911
21 O.I.C. -Enviorement Mr.Kannangara  
22 Moratumulla Police Station 011-2653143
23 O.I.C. Mr.Senewirathna 071-8691673
24 Enviorement O.I.C. Mr.S.I.Thomas 078-5344950
25 Police Station -Angulana 011-2626357
26 O.I.C. Mr.Dileepa 071-8261881
27 Enviorement O.I.C. Mr.Samarakoon Banda  
28 Police Station - Egoda Uyana 011-5618617
29 O.I.C. Mr.Anil Masakorala 072-1888030
30 Civil Security Section - Molpe 011-2650962
31 O.I.C. Lt.Col A.G.G.A.Kumara  
32 Mr.Anura kalansuriya Assistant Co-ordinator (District Disaster Management) - Ds Office ,Moratuwa 071-7466521
33 Mrs.W.A.Yamuna Kumuduni - Development Assistant (Disaster Management) 071-5970900

Number of fishing technicians has lost their lives and some of others have undergoing various types of problems due to the disasters happened during the past years.Therefore with  the aim of protecting their livehood 350 safely jackets have been distributed among fishing technicians by the fishery societies.

Five Tsunami rehersals have been conducted by cordinating with Colombo District Unit in order to cover the Tsunami distress Zone in the costal area during the year.

Two awareness Programmes have been conducted regarding the disaster situations and awareness Programme on firstaid has been conducted for the Students of the Janajaya College and gave away FirstAid kit to the School by Farms Lanka Institution.

Re-established the Tsunami siren system have been previously established as to cover the coastal area but inactivated for sometime upon the sponsership of Farms Lanka Institution.

Updation of Disaster Management Committees which have already been established at regional levels is been carried out with the help of Grama Niladharies and 6 committees have already been updated as at present.

Necessary follow ups have been carried out about the emergency distress equipment kit given to the Disaster management committees by the Red cross society.

Necessary Financial provision required for the funerals of the dead fishing technicians due to the past disaster situations,has been granted and dry rations have also been issued for their dependents.

In addition dry rations have also been given to the distressed fishing technicians by the Farms Lanka Institution.

Made aware the public by the exhibition regarding the dissasters concurrent to the exhibition held to commemerate the worlds settlement day.

Action is being made to update the disaster plan which contained the details on disasters,as at present.

Action is being made to update the plan of the Emergency disaster information using the information relevant to the system.

All the co-ordinating activities regarding the projects which are being presently carried out for the coastal beautifuling Programme are being carried out by the Urban Development Authority.

Awareness Programmes have been made to make aware the Government officers in most number of Institutions around Moratuwa,about the disasters by the Department of Meteorology.

In addition inspection has been carried out to find out about the disaster situations happened through out the year within the division and necessary arrangements have been made regarding the graning of compensation for the damages of houses and payments will be made as soon as the grants received.

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