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The curfew has completely been lifted effective from today, June 28th Sunday. Curfew which was imposed in order to prevent the spread of COVID -19 for the first time on March 20th was in force from 12.00 midnight to 4.00am from June 13th

Due to the corona virus spreading across the country,only the most essential services can be reached to the office.Please inform us of the other services by the telephone.The Telephone numbers are given below. Divisional Secretary,Moratuwa.

Telephone Number ( General Number) 0112645539

Divisional Srcretary (Land) 0112647954/Mobile Number 0714470397

Assistant Divisional Secretary (Land) 0112644657/Mobile Number 0771797609



You Can Obtain Further Details From The Following Link Of The Website Of Epidemiology Unit, Ministry Of Health About Present Situation And Guidelines To Prevent From Corona (COVID -19)

Due to the coronavirus spreading throughout the country the vehicle licenses,births,deaths and marriage certificates wil not be issued from 17.03.2020 to 31.03.2020.

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Curfew completely lifted

Curfew completely lifted

The curfew has completely been lifted effective...

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