Post Offices in Moratuwa

Name of the Post Office Address Telephone Number
Angulana Post Office,Angulana 0112605543
Egodauyana North Post Office,EgodaUyana 0112657332
EgodaUyana South Post Office,EgodaUyana South 011-4865041
Indibedda Post Office,Indibedda 011-4951568
Kaldemulla Post Office,Kaldemulla 011-2612962
Koralawella Post office,Koralawella 011-4951569
Katubedda Post Office,Katubedda 011-4950868
Lakshapathiya Post Office,Lakshapathiya 011-2623495
Lunawa Post Office,Lunawa 011-2645494
Moratuwa Post Office,Moratuwa 0112645250
Moratumulla Post Office,Moratumulla 011-4951567
Rawathawaththa Post office,Rawathawaththa 011-2645570
Willorawaththa Post office,Willorawaththa 011-5626089

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