Tree Cutting Permits

Responsibility of the client :

  • Submit the requesting letter
  • Submit the Certified copy of the deed/plan of the land which hope to cut trees.
  • If to build a house submit a copy of the house plan 
  • Submit a medical certificate if the tree is going to cut for a medical purpose.

Timber Transport Permits (New Issuances/Extensions)

Responsibility of the client:

  • Submit the requesting letter.
  • Submit the certified copies of the plan and deed
  • When the applicant is not the owner of the land, the owner's cash receipt of selling timber to the applicant(this must be signed on a Rs.20/= stamp)
  • If the land is a joint land,submit the other joint owners' acceptance letter certified by the Grama Niladhari

Animal Transport Permits

Responsibility of the client :

  • Submit the requesting letter
  • Submit the ownership confirmation certificate
  • Submit the medical certificate issued by the government veterinary surgeon of the division.

Business Name Registration Permits

Type of the Business should properly state whether

  • Selling, Importing/ Exporting or Producing, should clearly mention the products which Import, Export or Produce
  • When Supplying Rooms, Spa/ Guest House – Should submit a police clearance report and a Grama Niladari Report stating No public objections.
  • Selling medicines – Recommendation of Director (Medical Technology and Supply) is needed.
  • Supplying Ayurvedic Treatment – Letter of the Ayurvedic Doctor and the Photo Copy of Identity Card of Ayuruvedic Medical Council.
  • Spa with Ayurvedic Medical Treatments – Recommendation of Community Health Officer in charge.
  • Photocopies of related Professional Certificates when Supplying Counselling Services of different professions.
  • Training Certificates for Beauty Saloons
  • Recommendation of Early Childhood Development Officer for Pre School and Day-care Centers.
  • Laboratory Services/ External Patient investigations and Beauty Saloons – recommendation of Provincial Health Director is needed.
  • Recommendation of Excise Commissioner for Cigarette, Pipe Tobacco Products.
  • Recommendation of Gem and Jewellery Authority for such work.

Issuing gun license

Procedure of the service :

  • Issue an application
  • Get the Grama Niladhari report
  • Get the police report
  • Get the recommendation of the police
  • Get the Approval of the Divisional Secretary

Responsibility of the client :

  • If to protect the cultivation,submit the deed of the free hold land.
  • If for animal husbandry,submit sufficient information about the animal farm.

Issuing pensioner railway warrants

Procedure of the service

  • Confirming the pensioner and his rights to get the warrant..
  • Get signed the general 276 form.
  • Approval of the Executive officer.
  • writing the warrant.
  • Get the signature of the Executive officer.
  • File the application.
  • Get the signature in the 2nd copy of the General 275 and issue the 1st copy.

Sand excavation and transpotation permits for non commercial purpose

Procedure of the service :

  • Submit the requesting letter.
  • Present for a field experiment.
  • Get the recommendation of the Divisional Secretary after the field experiment.
  • Issue the permit by charging the permit fee and the Royalty.

Responsibility of the client :

  • Submit the requesting letter.
  • Submit the recommendation of the Grama Niladhari.
  • Submit the environmental report.

Renewal of mortgage goods license

Procedure of the service:

  • Check the Application
  • Submit for the approval
  • Charge the license fee
  • Issue the license

Responsibility of the client:

  • Submit the requesting letter
  • Submit the Grama Niladhari report
  • Submit the Police report
  • Submit the insurance certificate
  • Submit the Affidavit

Vehicle Revenue License Renewal

You can get your new annual vehicle revenue license before the concluding date by submitting the documents given below.


  • Must be a vehicle registered in Moratuwa secretarial division.

Documents need

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Finally taken revenue license
  • Valid Emission test report (Do not need for the 1st revenue license of a Brand new vehicle and for land vehicles)
  • Valid quality surveying report
  • Passenger transportation license (for Omini Bus )
  • If an unused vehicle, the unused certificate

You can get the revenue certificate by doing required payments with above documents.You can get the revenue certificate by doing required payments with above documents.

Consider about,

  • you have to pay a fine if the prior license is expired.   
  • License issues on 8.45 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. during weekdays.

Liquor permits (New Issuances/Renewals)

Pawning permits (New Issuances/Renewals)

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